Buying New Vs. Used

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Buying New vs. Used

Find out why buying “Pre-Owned” is a better choice

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A Buyer’s Guide to Understanding the Difference between buying new and pre-owned.

It’s a known fact that buying a brand new vehicle is a financial loss for the buyer, but do you know how much of a loss?

Experts say a new vehicle depreciates by as much as 11% as soon as you drive off the lot! Then, add at least another 10% loss by the end of the first year. So, on a $20,000 vehicle, you’ll lose, on average, $2200 right away – and by the end of the first year, tack on another $2000 to that. After five years, vehicles can depreciate by as much as 60%…sometimes more. Now you’ve lost $12,000 on your $20K vehicle is only worth only $8000 or less! Think about that for a minute…

Here are some other factors that also depreciate the value of your vehicle:

  • Mileage: a younger car with the more kilometers loses value.
  • Cosmetic Condition: damage(s) to the bodywork or interior means less value.
  • Previous Accidents: the cost of any previous accident(s) devalues the vehicle.
  • Maintenance/Service History: a poorly maintained vehicle is worth less money.
  • Number of Previous Owners: The more owners, the lower the value.

Why is Buying “Pre-Owned” Better?

At House Of Cars, you can get vehicles that are practically brand new without the depreciation! We currently sell a massive selection of low mileage 2016 makes and models for less than what the big franchise guys are carrying!

Our goal is to ensure all buyers leave with a vehicle they want at a price they can afford! That’s why every vehicle we sell automatically comes with a full warranty, a CarProof sheet and a full mechanical fitness inspection. We also offer readily available financing options that cater to all car buyers. So whether you have good credit or not-so-good credit, you can get your perfect ride from House Of Cars Lethbridge.

Do you think a new car is out of reach? Have you been declined because of no credit or bad credit? Then we recommend our simple, fast Credit Rebuilding Program that will help you get into the vehicle of your dreams! Once the banks have approved financing, we’ll work out a custom-made payment plan that fits your lifestyle and finances.

Sales are not our bottom line. Our bottom line is: we want to help you reach your goals. We love it! We enjoy it! It’s what we want to do! Did we mention we carry everything from a Toyota Corolla to a Lamborghini? And if we don’t have what you’re looking for…we’ll find it! How awesome is that?


We understand…buying a vehicle is a HUGE decision! And if you’re unsure if buying pre-owned is better than buying new, a little research will show that going pre-owned gets you into virtually the same vehicles – for less!

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